All assistance and advice given by the RIMEX Group and its affiliated companies, on its web site including all downloaded information and drawings, in its literature and sales promotion material by its personnel, agents or representatives is provided in good faith.

Such assistance is not intended to form part of any contract, or to be a guarantee or warranty of any RIMEX product or design to be fit for any purpose and no liability can be accepted for errors contained in such advice, drawings or information.

You are advised to check all information provided by the RIMEX Group and its affiliated companies with other sources. Written and drawn specifications, test results and all information downloaded from www.rimexmetals.com are intended as suggestions only; their accuracy cannot be guaranteed in any way.

1. Sample Statement: Samples supplied by RIMEX are for promotional purposes only and are not to be used as control materials for goods supplied. If control samples are required for a specific order RIMEX needs to be notified in advance.

2. Product Images Statement: Product images are not to scale. They are scaled to give the best visual representation of the product.

3. Promotional Advice and Materials Statement: All data, images, drawings, descriptions and other information furnished by RIMEX including verbal information, in or on its website, catalogues, brochures, CD's, pamphlets, price lists, documents or any other promotional media are intended to be as accurate as possible but are given for general information only and are not binding on RIMEX in respect of a particular order. All information, unless stated otherwise, is subject to reasonable variations. RIMEX does not accept responsibility for errors or information which is found to be misleading. Before using products supplied or manufactured by RIMEX, the customer should satisfy itself of their suitability for any required purpose.

4. Protective Tape Statement: Unless ordered to the contrary all material is coated with standard commercial protective tape. No warranty is provided by RIMEX as to the suitability of coating used. A copy of appropriate data sheets are available upon request. If a warranty is required the customer should deal direct with a protective tape supplier and notify RIMEX of the coating to be used. The use of nonstandard protective tape might be an additional cost to previously quoted prices. Protective tape should be removed as soon as practical and should not be exposed to direct sunlight and temperatures that might cause delamination of adhesive on the coating. The customer is always advised to seek information from the coating manufacturer. RIMEX cannot provide information or warranties in respect of protective tapes.


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